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Size: 7"W x 6"D x 10"H (18"H with stand)
$ 275.00 (SOLD)
Maggie, our adventurous cat, is ready to take off for home even though she has a stowaway on board. Schneider, the mouse/stowaway, cleverly turned a mousetrap into the base of his basket. He is nestled into a bed of flax and has loaded the basket with crackers and cheese for his journey.

The basket is handwoven using hemp twine, wood and an old mouse trap. All necessities (cheese & crackers) have been hand sculpted out of PaperClay. Maggie, the hot air balloon, is also hand sculpted. Chip carved wooden "stamps" have been used to indent some facial features while other chip carved pieces have been applied to the head/balloon for the nose and ears.